Honoring Mothers

With a tremendous amount of gratitude I can say that I have the best mother. Not only do I feel like she is an excellent human being, but her love for my siblings and I has never wavered or been questioned! For these reasons and a million more my own mother was the source of inspiration for this year's Mother's Day card designs.

"Happy Mother's Day!" features a few illustrations that are taken directly from my mother's life, who loves a good cup of tea, is an excellent knitter and a great baker of pies (home made crust and all!). Simple but thoughtful, this note card is blank on the inside for you to write your own personal message to your mother. The note card is paired with a matching "papaya" colored envelope.

"I Love That You're My Mom" features a hand drawn floral border with a hand painted purple watercolor wash background and paired with a "beet" colored envelope. This note card's design was influenced by the relationship between my mother and my grandmother (her mother). My mother used to tell my grandmother this very same message. The note card is also blank on the inside for you to write to your mother and let her know just how much she is appreciated and loved.

"Mom! Momma, Ma" features loud and dynamic "Mom" typography with a hand drawn floral border and paired with a "coral" colored envelope. This note card was designed with the intention to give my mom a good chuckle. Hopefully it will do the same for your own mother. Let your mom know how grateful you are and that she is the best!

Here is to honoring the mothers out there this Mother's Day with respect, love and gratitude!

All cards are now for sale in the Chirps shop. Click here to check them out or to order.

Chirps & Cricket Design Studio accepts custom orders for note cards and stationery. Drop us a line and let us know more about your request.

All artwork, designs and photographs are © 2017 Chirps & Cricket Design Studio. All rights reserved.

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