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Telescope Mapping, Business Launch:

Branding, Identity, and Book Design

Telescope Mapping: Business LAUNCH is an empowering guided workbook for early stage entrepreneurs. It is designed to help people take a concept or an idea for a business, develop that into a full functioning business model, and ultimately, an action plan to start the business through the first six months.


Identity & Branding, Print, Publication Design,
Book Design


Telescope Mapping




Business LAUNCH is a guided workbook that acts as a personal consultant to give you the tools, steps, and guidance to successfully launch and grown any idea you might have into a successful business. Business LAUNCH has empowered small business owners in many industries; including the arts, culinary, fashion, fabrication and design, finance, nonprofit, private clubs, gaming, athletics, and more

Chirps & Cricket worked closely with Telescope Mapping to produce the layout and design of Business LAUNCH from concept through final design. Then end result is a workbook that is approachable, comprehensive, and friendly, equipping the user to both easily navigate, and work through the book, and ultimately begin to develop their business action plan.



The Telescope Mapping logo is an abstract take on a telescope, designed with clean, bold, geometric, and organic shapes. Chalet typeface offers a complimentary modern, elegant, and confident addition to the identity.

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